Dr. Kenneth Pohl, M.D.


Dr. Kenneth Pohl, M.D. has been repairing and replacing worn and damaged knee joints and hip joints for more than 40 years. This level of experience brings with it the wisdom to choose the ideal procedure for each patient. In addition to total knee and hip replacements, he is one of the leading partial knee replacement specialists in the world, who has designed and implemented cutting edge partial knee systems and resurfacing techniques. Dr. Pohl's offices are located in Dayton, OH, but he is looking to reach outside of the Miami Valley toward prospective clients in Lima, Springfield, Ft. Wayne, IN and also south into Middletown, Sydney, and Cincinnati. Everyone with serious knee and hip damage deserves the best possible treatment from an experienced, capable surgeon. Dr. Pohl and his knowledgeable, courteous staff are awaiting your call. Schedule an appointment today!